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If you are planning on building a website by yourself (which we imagine you are), you are probably going to do most of the work. However, when it comes to creating and adding content, you might want to leave this part up to someone else. This is why you must be familiar with WordPress user roles.

WordPress user roles

WordPress has six predefined roles that have different rights, depending on what hierarchy level they are.

The first one is the Super Admin. Users who are Super Admins allow other users to perform all possible capabilities.

The second one is the Administrator. These users have access to all the administration features, which means that they are able to see every part of the website ー manage theme and content, edit code, add, and delete other users’ accounts.

The third role is the role of an Editor. An Editor can create, publish, and delete content on Pages and Posts.

Then, there’s the role of an Author, a person in charge of creating, editing, and deleting content in the Posts section.

The fifth role is the role of a Contributor. A Contributor can read posts from other users and can write and manage their own posts without publishing them.

The last role is the role of a Subscriber, which doesn’t offer that many privileges 一 Subscribers can only view written posts and manage their profiles.

Adding a user

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to add a new user role to your website:

1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

2. Go to Users and click on the Add New.

3. Fill in all the necessary form fields – username, email, password, and others. If you wish, you can type a user’s first and last name, and website URL fields.

4. If you wish to send a password to a user by email, check the option Send this password to the new user by email.

5. Select the role you want to assign from the dropdown menu and click the Add New User button. And that’s it 一 a new user has been created.

Deleting a user

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to delete a user:

1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

2. Click on the Users section.

3. Click on the Delete link that appears beneath the user name when you are hovering over each row. (Keep in mind that you will not be able to delete a user if that user is logged in.)

4. Alongside deleting the user, you will also have to determine what you are going to do with the content that is currently assigned to the user you wish to delete. There are two options available.

Delete all content. This option will delete all the content the user has created.

Attribute all content to. This option will assign the user’s content to another user of your choice.

5. After you decide what you want to do with the user’s content, click the Confirm Deletion button, and you’ll delete the user.

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