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How to install and setup the theme

Theme installation is a quite simple process. After downloading the theme zip file, and unpacking it, you will find two zip files. One zip file is the parent theme, while the theme

How to speed up a WordPress website

As a proud WordPress site owner, we are positive that you’ve done all the steps to make sure that your site is up and running. However, you might start to notice, a

How to change the font

Changing the font of your theme is quite easy 一 you can use the Kirki plugin to do so. However, in cases you when you want to add a character set like

How to update a WordPress theme

To ensure you have a secure, and up and running website, we are releasing theme updates regularly, every couple of months. These updates mostly cover bug fixes but often contain feature improvements

How to find a WordPress version

Here are the two quick steps you need to take to find which WordPress version your theme is running on: 1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel. 2. In the Dashboard,

How to find a theme version

A Theme version can be found in two ways: when you access the WordPress admin panel* or by accessing the main style.css file. Finding a theme version in the WordPress admin panel

Everything you need to know about widgets

As you might know, a Widget is a block on a website that creates a specific function, providing your site with a structure and a unique design. Shortly put, widgets are there

Everything you need to know about menus

To allow you to change your theme’s appearance and add new functionality, we made sure to include the Customizer API (which you can access when you navigate to Appearance → Customize in

Installing theme demo widgets

As you had a chance to see, installing a theme demo is a pretty quick process. When you install it, you get access to every post, page, custom post type, comment, and

How to import theme demo content

If you like the content you saw in the theme demo, and you would like to include it to your website, you can do so in just a few clicks.

How to install a WordPress theme

Installing a WordPress theme is just as quick and easy as installing WordPress is. (If you haven’t installed WordPress already, you can do so by following the official WordPress guide.)

Installing WordPress

WordPress is well-known for its 5-minute installation and 5-step instructions. It will literally take you up to 5 minutes to install WordPress.

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