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How to add a custom domain to your website

Adding a custom domain to your WordPress website is a process that requires a bit more of your time. To ensure you add a custom domain to your website properly, we wrote

How to turn on WordPress Debug Mode

WordPress Debug Mode is a mode that can help you find issues (errors) on your site and resolve them quickly. Here’s how you can turn on WordPress Debug Mode: Log in to

How to use the Privacy mode

In times when you don’t want your website to be open to the public eye, you can protect it by enabling the Privacy mode. Here’s how you can turn on Privacy mode:

How to create a website backup manually

Here’s how you can create a website backup manually: Log in to the Find the site whose data you want to back up in the Your sites section. Click the Settings

How to enable or disable page caching

To turn on/off your site’s page caching, follow these quick steps: Log in to the Find the site for which you want to enable/disable page caching in the Your sites section.

How to clear the page cache

Page caching is a process that makes your site load faster. By flushing cache, you are “flushing down” old website data and making room for new ones, so your users can see

How to create a WordPress website

The website creation process is quick and easy. Here are the steps you need to go through to create a WordPress website: Log in to the Click the + Create a

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