Add your domain, i.e. your web address (, to Themes Kingdom in a few steps.

1. Go to the domain registrar you used to purchase your domain. You have to add a DNS “A Record” for your domain. Each registrar has their own way of adding an A Record. Here’s how to do that for GoDaddy, iwantmyname, Google Domains, Namecheap, Hover,,, and

Once you’re at the page that let’s you add an A record, you’ll need your website’s IP address. We have it.

2. Go to your Dashboard, and check the IP Address next to your website. Copy it.


3. Paste the IP address back at the domain registrar, and fill out any other details if required. Save your changes.

4. Congratulations!

Go to your dashboard, and click on settings next to your website. Your domain ( should show up, and you should see DNS Data Set in green color. That means everything’s ok!

Now when you type it should lead you to your website. Sometimes this takes up to 72h to happen. But usually it happens much more quickly. If your website doesn’t route after three days, submit a support ticket and we’ll help you sort it out.